Good News For Indian Graduates And Workers: Judge Rejected Trump Govt. Proposed USA H1B Visa Rules

9 Dec 2020

Good News For Indian Graduates And Workers: Judge Rejected Trump Govt. Proposed USA H1B Visa Rules
The USA ex-president Donald trump is well known for controversy in taking decisions besides giving nonsense statements that people are well aware of during covid times.
Trump's actions in making and implementation of policies begins and ends with controversies, and his attitude and working style during the pandemic period got criticism from oppositions as well as from the common public who have dethroned Trump from US presidential power.
One of the policy makings by the Donald Trump's administration that invited several criticisms is the amendment of previous H1B visa rules, which didn't go well with the abroad skilled workers aspiring to do jobs in the USA as it will cut-down drastically the number of visas issued each year.
The rule says higher wages to highly skilled abroad workers, which indirectly restricts both US companies and job seekers outside the USA by damaging the actual scope of the H1b program through which thousands of skilled people from countries outside the USA are arriving to the highly developed nation for work. They are significantly contributing to the fill-up of shortage of the skilled workforce, and also boosts the economy.
The policy was challenged by the US Chamber of Commerce and universities legally in court. Here comes good news for H1b visa seekers.
A federal judge from the USA court has rejected the Trump government's argument on H-1B visa rule changes.
The US chamber of commerce and High education sector won legally in the court over Trump's proposed H1B policy changes bringing a huge sigh of relief for both US businesses and H1B seekers.
Definitely, this is a good news for Indian students, graduates, job seekers and workers who are willing to work and settle in the USA.
It is a known fact that Indians are the majority force worldwide in acquiring H1B USA visas.

The Indian students community in the USA are expressing their pleasure and excitement over the new development-rejection of Trump policy on H1B. 


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