UK: Govt. Begins Mass Vaccination of Covid Vaccine. International Students Are Also Given Priority

8 Dec 2020

UK: Govt. Begins Mass Vaccination of Covid Vaccine. International Students Are Also Given Priority
The United Kingdom is one of the badly affected countries with the pandemic, the initial outbreak and the latest second wave created horrific situations across the nation. Thousands of lives are lost to date and the economy is in the bad phase. 
The government has taken several safety, health and security measures to curb the second wave of covid 19, lockdown was imposed for weeks recently and special protocols are issued for public and businesses. The economy is also being repaired. Soon, it might shift it's track from dull to rise. 
It is known news that the UK has successfully created a vaccine for Covid-19 after intense trails, where the vaccine showed 95 percent effect on the virus. Now All eyes across the world are on the Covid 19 vaccine, developed by Pfizer/BioNTech.
The biggest news is the United Kingdom is all set to give Covid 19 vaccine to people in a massive way, ordered nearly 40 million doses. 
The UK government revealed that another 357 million doses are in the line, several vaccine developers are developing the vaccine for mass vaccination.
The vaccine will reach first for priority groups, who are prone to Covid such as care home people and staff, doctors, healthcare staff, people over 80 years of age. 
People who are in high-risk healthwise with underlying medical conditions are also on the priority list. Vaccine dose will be given to the public taking the age and health into account. The people who are most vulnerable to Covid-19 are in the priority list i.e will get the vaccine first.
The international students who are studying in the UK institutions have pinned big hopes on the vaccine. The good news is the outdoor students who are having underlying medical risks are also given priority. The UK government revealed. It's a good gesture from the UK.
The health department revealed that to safeguard the international students will get the vaccine depending on the underlying medical conditions and high risk.
The abroad students group is one of the biggest boosters for the Uk economy, they are paying millions for tuition fees and living expenses 
The pupils from various countries including Indians are pursuing their study programs in UK education organisations, they are attracted for the modern and massive campuses, research based learning and international exposure. 
As the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is out, we can expect a steep increase in the flow of students traveling to the United Kingdom in the coming weeks.


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