Survey: UK Is Top In Welcoming Abroad Pupils

Dec 3 2020

Survey: The UK Is Top In Welcoming Abroad Pupils
The United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in attracting students from neighbouring and far countries, and from the past few years, the universities are admitting large numbers of foreign students. 
As per the reports of the latest global survey, the United Kingdom is a top performer in the race of welcoming overseas students than rival nations
The quality in education, research-based teaching, world-class campuses with sophisticated labs and hi-tech architecture and welcoming atmosphere is attracting international students to the core. 

The temporary work permits issued post completion of the course is also attracting them. Ample of Indian pupils are pursuing their courses in UK universities, the numbers are increasing each year.
The UK is struggling with the second wave of the pandemic, however, the government is taking all the necessary safety protocols to curb the spread, such as lockdown, safety procedures and guidelines

The country is not stepping back in control of Covid, they have shown the same commitment in handling the unpredictable situations 

during the initial outbreak as well.
With the backup of safety protocols, special guidelines and quarantine plans, the UK is still recruiting international students and it is way ahead in the acceptance rate compared to other nations.


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