University of Windsor, Canada

Nov 28, 2020

University of Windsor


Decades of History

One of the prestigious educational institutions of Canada, University of Windsor has 165 years of long history dating from classic 1857’s Roman Catholic Assumption College to the present modern campus. 

The oldest institute that had affiliated with several other colleges over the years was transformed as the University of Windsor on July 1, 1963. Located in Windsor city, Ontario, the university is a public research institute. 

Large Campus and Nine Faculties

The present campus of the University of Windsor covers a large area of 125 acres and comprises nine faculties, Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Odette School of Business, Faculty of Human Kinetics, the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Nursing.

Nearer to the United States and Beautiful Sight of River, Skyline, Bridge

The University of Windsor, Canada is located close to the United States. Windsor is situated across the banks of the Detroit River, offers a beautiful, cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere for students

A student will not miss the amazing sight of river, skyline and suspension Bridge

Ambassador Bridge lies to the west and the Detroit River to the north.

Ambassador is the suspension bridge constructed across the Detroit River that connects US cities Detroit, Michigan with Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Lavish Entrepreneurship Centre

Besides home to the oldest Christian architecture, the University of Windsor also houses modern buildings; one of them is a popular lavish building, $10-million dollar Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre.

Facilities For Students-sports, recreation, food court etc

CAW Student Centre

The CAW Student Centre houses the main bookstore, large food court, photography, dental office, the campus community radio station, and an information desk and pharmacy and few more

St. Denis Centre

Located at the southern end of the campus, St. Denis Centre houses athletic and recreational facilities that include a weight room, gym, running tracks, Basketball courts for men and women and swimming pool etc.

Essex Centre of Research 

A new research facility was built In June 2019, Essex Centre of Research. The  46,000-square-feet high-tech building comprises state of the art labs, dedicated to research, innovation, and industry collaboration.

Essex Centre of Research provides an opportunity for prime research for staff and students.

Sizeable Students Strength

The University of Windsor, highly regarded as a student-focussed institute houses a large number of students, nearly 16,231 students are pursuing their studies in various courses. 

Welcomes a Large Number of International Students 

Pupils outside Canada are considering the University of Windsor for higher education as the university is top-notch in the field with research-based teaching, well-equipped labs and efficient teachers. 

Students from 100 and more countries across the globe are studying here. In total admissions, international students' strength accounts for 23%.


The University of Windsor organises 1,500-2,000 essay writing competition every alternative year, well-performed students will be awarded scholarships

Wide Range of Courses 

The University of Windsor offers more than 190 undergraduate and 65 graduate and doctoral degrees across nine faculties. 

More than 16,000 students including full time and part-time are pursuing their studies. 

Strong Alumni Network

The university has large alumni of 145,000 and more graduates. 

Some of the reputed alumni are Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, Dean Del Mastro (former Member of Parliament), Hodan Nalayeh (media executive and entrepreneur), James Bondy (actor, part of kid’s show Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld), Tessa Virtue (noted ice dancer and Olympic Gold medallist) and many more

Popular Programs Offered

MS in Applied Computing

MS in Electrical Engineering 

MS in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive, Industrial)

Accommodation- Four Residence Halls

The University operates four residence halls, located on campus for student accommodation. They are near to classrooms, library, food outlets, recreational facilities and student centre

Alumni Hall

The suite-style residence, Alumni Hall offers accommodation for First Year and above First Year students. Each suite has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a three-piece bath. 

Cartier Hall 

Houses First Year undergraduate students, it has co-ed floors and two students are allowed to share one room while four students share one washroom.

Laurier Hall

Beyond First Year students will reside in Laurier Hall that has single rooms and single-gender floors.

MacDonald Hall

First-Year undergraduate students will reside in MacDonald that has double rooms and limited single rooms.  It has co-ed floors.


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