IELTS READING-Tips and Tricks To Improve Band

Nov 23, 2020

IELTS-READING-Tips and Tricks

IELTS Advantages

IELTS is worldwide recognized- accepted English proficiency certification

Get access to foreign Education and Immigration

One can travel to the USA, UK, Canada, Newzealand, Australia, etc, to study, work or live

1000 plus educational institutions worldwide are accepting IELTS score

Enhance English knowledge to an international level

IELTS score is required for the most sought-after visa, Canada PR

Reading Section

The reading section lasts for about 60 minutes, it is equipped with three or four different passages of increasing difficulty. The total questions are 40, which are to be answered in the allotted time i.e 60 minutes. Answer sheets are provided to mark the answers.

No extra time is given to transfer answers to the answer sheet 

The reading sections of both Academic and General Training Reading Tests are equally evaluated and marked. However, the General Reading Section is slightly easier than that of Adamamic’s

More questions to be answered correctly in General Reading to get the same grade of Academic Reading

Here is the list of types of questions asked in the Reading test:

  1. Multiple choice
  2. Matching heading
  3. Gap filling
  4. True/false/not given
  5. Sentence completion
  6. Classification
  7. Short-answer
  8. Table or diagram, or flowchart completion

READING Section-Few Tips To Achieve Good Score in READING


Do practise effectively before the exam and get familiar with the format and wide range of tasks

Training under an experienced tutor will enhance the required skills and knowledge, bright chances to do well in the test and score a high band

Keep calm throughout the session, at the same time pay attention as well

Don't get tense, give wings to mind. Just be attentive and focused

Properly manage the allotted time period i.e 60min) to answer 40 questions

Additional time is not provided to transfer the answers to the sheet. So be attentive on time consumption. Don't get worried, just be alert

Take the entire session as a game and play ur best

Don't get worried about wrong or blank answers, put focus on remaining questions

Don't waste time on questions, which you didn't find any answer to. Shift your look to the rest of the questions

Use the given time wisely. Complete unanswered questions at the end

Initially reading the questions, and then the passage, might help the student to pick the correct or atleast nearest answer. Few students might prefer the reverse

Don't read the whole paragraph or passage, just skim and scan to find the relevant one

Give a quick glance on the passages to find related meaning, word, links or synonyms etc

Skim the inappropriate and Scan the appropriate

usually, the questions are asked as per the order of the passage

While skimming, do underline the related phrases, synonyms, and sentences etc, helps you in answering

If scanning doesn't help to find answers in difficult or unfamiliar passages, read the passage clearly

Keep in mind that answers are found in the passage only, means questions will not be Out Of Syllabus

Pick and tick unique or special words such as capital letters,  italics, underlining, figures, statistics, graphs, tables, geographical locations, dates, time periods,  names of a person or regional. And also  keywords, synonyms, etc

Don't leave blank, if you don't find any answer or if you're not sure. Fill it with a related, similar or doubtful answer, which score you mark if it is right. However, leaving unanswered is not a wise move

Incorrect spellings are treated Unanswered

Always check the spellings, because misspelling will cost marks, though the answer is correct

Strike out wrong answers in multiple-choice tasks, helps you to avoid confusion

In the True/false/not given section, don't get confused with False and Not Given. Be cautious

False means contradictory, that means will not match the fact. Not Given means the question is Out of Syllabus or not at all related to the passage content


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