What To Do After Completing Studies in Canada and How Long Does An International Student Can Stay Post-Study??

Nov 11, 2020

What To Do After Completing Studies in Canada and How Long Does An International Student Can Stay Post-Study??

Canada is attracting a large number of students from other countries every year with its growing reputation in the higher education sector, offers top notch education and houses world class universities. 


More than 6 lakh international students belonging to different levels are pursuing their studies in Canada, the 2nd largest country in the world in land mass. They are attracted to high standard teaching, universities with sophisticated facilities, welcoming nature of Canadian govt and citizens, and work opportunities etc. 


However, the major attraction has been the Post-Graduate Work Permit (in short PGWP). 


What is a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP?)


A Post-Graduate Work Permit will allow a student to work in Canada after completing the graduation. 


As soon as a student completes his study, will get eligibility to apply for a PGWP, while the duration of the work permit is the same as the length of the study program. 


What are the Requirements To Get PGWP


Study Program length up to eight months or more


Must get a Degree, a diploma or a certificate for the course completed


Full-time course is required, but Part-time study during final academic term is permitted along with an authorized gap (not exceeding 180 days) between an academic program.


Valid study permit is required


One has to apply for a PGWP within180 days after receiving course completion letter and transcript


After receiving work permit PGWP, extend Medical Services Plan, Social Insurance Number (SIN) and also apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

What is NO Required To Get PGWP


There is no condition such as a prior job offer to get eligible for the work permit of this category. 


And also, there is no requirement to work in the field related to the course completed. The eligible student is allowed to choose his job as per his intention.


To Favor Abroad Students Amid Covid19 Pandemic

Canadian government has relaxed the PGWP rules to support Abroad Students who are doing distance education due to covid-19 Pandemic.


The new relaxation says the length of the duration spent outside Canada will be counted towards the length of post-graduation work permit.





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