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30 Oct 2020

Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Modern and Beautiful Institute from 1893

Concordia University is one of the noted private universities of the United States of America, located at Saint Paul, Minnesota. One of the oldest educational institutions found in the year 1893, celebrated its 125th anniversary during the academic year 2018-19.

Though the university dates back more than 100 years, it is the latest, modern and beautiful, equipped with big buildings, sophisticated labs cum research centers, and greenery.

Concordia campus is spread over an area of 41 acres and it is affiliated to Concordia University System, operated by the Lutheran church-Missouri Synod, which is the second-largest church in the USA.

Student Enrolment

One of the most diverse institutes with students comes from 49 states and over 20 different countries. The total number of students enrolled in CSP is around 5,600, for the year 2020, pursuing a wide range of programs including graduate programs, undergraduate (majors and minors) and bachelor programs, and a few more. Concordia University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1967. During Fall 2017, nearly 4,972 students were enrolled, 1,942 were graduates and 2,851 were undergraduate students.

International Student Services

To assist and guide students coming from other countries to pursue their courses at Concordia, International Student Services is present on the campus, the group will help international students in successfully accomplishing their study and career goals.

Programs Offered

Ms in Information Technology Management (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL)

The Masters in Information Technology Management program is designed to prepare a student to successfully manage an IT business; the program offers business management and leadership skills. Besides management skills, the study also offers in-demand technical skill development.

The course Ms in information Technology Management covers Business Technology Strategy, Managing Technology Teams, Information Security, IT Project Management and Technology Management and Innovation, and a few more.

A student can try these job roles with Ms in Information Technology Management degree qualification

Information Technology manager

Team Lead IT

Information security analyst

IT network engineer

Computer network architect

Computer systems analyst

Software developer

Database administrator

Management analyst

Computer network architect

Master’s in Business Administration (SPRING, SUMMER, FALL)

The course Masters in Business Administration offers business administration skills, from business management, management of workforce to management of finance, etc. The student who is pursuing this program will improve his knowledge of the latest business trends; the degree will fetch him a managerial role in firms either private or public or MNCs. The course also supports well a student who is aspiring to step into their own business career, use this knowledge for a lucrative career in management and business platforms.

A student can try these jobs with a Masters in Business Administration degree qualification

Operations Manager

Senior Business Analyst

Human Resource Manager

Business Development Manager

Relationship Manager

Student Life

Apart from high-quality learning and research, there are other excellent opportunities to experience great student life at Concordia. Have a chill time and also memories with different events, late-night study sessions, gaming, concerts, music, parties and friendly meetings, and many more.

Clubs & Organizations -35

Athletic teams-17


There are four residence halls to stay on campus, providing excellent accommodation and more scope to connect well with fellow students and mingle with different cultured people.

Holst Hall-apartment model for upperclassmen

Hyatt Village (suite model for upperclassmen and first-year students belonging to Business Learning Community)

Luther Hall (housing style for first-year women)

Wollaeger Hall (housing style for first-year men)

University Rankings

Concordia University-St. Paul ranked 80th, 69th in Regional Universities Midwest, and Top Performers on Social Mobility categories respectively.

80th rank in Regional Universities Midwest

69th rank in Top Performers on Social Mobility

Affordable Fees

Concordia St. Paul provides a high-quality education at affordable tuition fees and also offers financial aid that includes institutional and private scholarships to eligible students. Introduced Tuition Reset program in 2013 to provide the courses at affordable cost, one of the achievements is a cut down of undergraduate tuition fees by $10,000, making Concordia one of the most affordable institutes in twin cities and the Concordia University System.

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