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Sep 18 2020

Founded in the year 1927, the University of Bridgeport is a reputable educational institution that is situated in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It is a private university, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut Office of Higher Education. It offers around 125 programs and majors. It consists of 3 colleges, namely College of Health Sciences; College of Engineering, Business and Education and College of Arts & Sciences.

The areas of study under this university are Psychology; General Studies; Human Services; Health professions and related clinical sciences; Dental Hygiene; Biological Sciences; Business/Commerce; Finance; Graphic Design; Criminal Justice; Accounting; Media Studies; Interior Design; and International Relations and affairs. The university offers study programs in Fashion merchandising; International business; Social Sciences; Medical Technology; Computer engineering; Industrial and product design; Computer Science; Religious studies; Electrical and Electronics Engineering; and Labour and industrial relations. Besides, it offers courses in Marketing; Music; East Asian studies; English language and literature; Mathematics; Liberal Studies; and Management information.

The university conducts courses from undergraduate to doctoral levels, admitting students from over 80 countries. The university has an enrollment of over 5,100 undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarships are offered on the basis of academic qualifications and performance. It offers Trustee scholarship; Presidential scholarship; Academic scholarship; Music scholarship; Athletic scholarship; and Design scholarship. Scholarship opportunities are also available for international graduate students.

Master of Business Administration

Course Description
It allows students to understand and apply concepts and skills across the basic business disciplines that enable them to be successful in a dynamic global environment
It enhances critical thinking in its students, provides discipline knowledge through theoretical and applied learning and develops skills that are necessary for success in business
Students of this course enjoy close proximity to New York/Connecticut/New Jersey multinational corporations and entrepreneurs
It is a program that will provides the knowledge to build a successful career, and the practical skills to immediately enter the workforce

M.S. in Computer Science

Course Description

The Master’s Degree in Computer Science is intended to prepare individuals with a strong mathematical, scientific, or technical background
Core curriculum consists of Advanced Database Systems, Analyses of Algorithms, Operating Systems, etc
Students who earn an M.S. degree are eligible for 12 months of OPT

M.S. in Finance
Course Description
This degree program is designed with a particular course sequence in mind, allowing students to seamlessly progress from broad surveys and overviews of financial core topics to granular details relevant to particular financial sectors
Students will continue to build upon their knowledge in areas such as investment analysis, financial modeling, derivatives valuation, international finance, behavioral finance, financial management, investment banking, and managerial economics
Students will gain decision-making, problem-solving, and analytical capabilities to solve financial problems, including how to:
Evaluate and price a financial opportunity
Gauge the appropriate level of risk to discount future projections
Compare across investment opportunities at a given time and how to allocate among them in an optimal way
Create useful tools for answering financial questions so that reports can be generated automatically and progress can be tracked
Assess and manage risk
Courses will be taught by award-winning faculty with extensive real-world, professional business experience that combines academic lessons with professional development

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