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17 Sep 2020

Situated in the center of downtown Cleveland, the CSU main campus is spread across 85 acres and includes more than 40 buildings. The campus has a top-notch infrastructure that offers first-rate facilities. The nineteen-story Rhodes Tower is home to University Library, several faculty offices, and spacious classrooms

Apart from academic amenities, the campus offers facilities to play various sports like basketball, golf, fencing, soccer, wrestling, swimming, lacrosse, tennis, softball and volleyball. It also houses Mather Mansion, Fenn Tower and a 110,000 sq. ft Student Recreation Centre that features modern exercise equipment, group fitness classes, and facilities for other extracurricular activities. The campus provides students with comfortable accommodation and wide-ranging dining options.

CSU offers over 1,000 graduate, undergraduate, honors, professional certificate and continuing education courses in around 200 fields like accounting, sports, anthropology, arts, design, sciences, business, communication, engineering, economics, education, film, mathematics, nursing, philosophy, pharmacy, psychology, social work, etc. It has 511 qualified faculty members and around 17,730 students including over 1,400 foreign students.

Master of Computer and Information Science in Computer Science
Course Description
Cleveland State University's Computer Science track in the Master of Computer and Information Science (MCIS) program is a professional degree program specifically designed to combine a thorough education in computer and information science with applications in the areas of business, engineering, mathematics, or other relevant fields
The program emphasizes the study of computing using the latest technologies
It focuses on the theoretical capabilities of computing including problem-solving and algorithm
There are thesis, non-thesis, and internship tracks available for this course

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Course Description
This program provides the following concentrations:-
Business Analytics
Business Economics
Information Systems
Human Resources/Labor Relations
Marketing and
Operations and Supply Chain Management
It is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
This program first builds a strong foundation across the basic business principles

Master of Information Systems
Course Description
The Master of Information Systems program at Cleveland State University is a specialized degree program designed to prepare students for careers as information professionals
The coursework combines a blend of technology and management-oriented courses designed to prepare the next generation of technology managers to lead enterprises in innovative ways
Specializations within the program allow students to build specific skill sets in areas such as information security, information technology management, and business analytics

Master of Accountancy
Course Description
This program provides students with the opportunity to develop basic technical and statistical skills, to obtain knowledge of the business disciplines, and to pursue advanced course work in accounting or taxation
It is designed to develop competent accountants, who are knowledgeable in financial processes and procedures and are able to provide and interpret sophisticated financial information for the business community

Also Cleveleand State University Offers various Othe Under Graduate and Graduate Programs

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